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    Fun Facts About Quincy, Massachusetts

    Quincy is counted as part of Metropolitan Boston since it’s one of the suburbs immediately south of Boston. It’s the biggest city in Norfolk County, with a population of over 92,000 making it the eighth most populated city in Massachusetts.

    Two presidents of the United States—John Adams and his son, John Quincy Adams—were born in Quincy, which is why many people know it as the “City of Presidents.” One of the Presidents of the Continental Congress and the man who first signed the Declaration of Independence, John Hancock, was also born in Quincy. John Hancock also serve 2 terms as Governor of Massachusetts.

    Before splitting off as its own town in 1792, it was the north precinct of Braintree and even before that it part of Dorchester and Boston for a brief period. When it broke off on its own it was named Quincy after Colonel John Quincy, who was Abigail Adams’ maternal grandfather. It gained city status in 1888.

    Quincy was home to the first commercial railroad in the United States, called the Granite Railway after Quincy’s longstanding and thriving granite industry. Quincy is also the city where Dunkin’ Donuts and Howard Johnson’s were founded.

    Quincy Bay goes up into Boston and is included as part of Massachusetts Bay and Boston Harbor. Several islands are also counted in the territory of Quincy, including Moon Island, Hangman Island (both owned by the City of Boston with restricted access), Nut Island (which technically has been turned into a peninsula), and Raccoon Island.

    Most of Quincy’s land area is urban, but a good 23 percent of it is part of the Blue Hills Reservation, which is a state park.

    Quincy is organized into 13 different neighborhoods, each with its own unique characteristics and history. These neighborhoods are Adams Shore (originally a location for summer resorts, now a residential area), Germantown (a hotspot for German immigrants in the 1750s), Houghs Neck (named after Atherton Hough), Marina Bay, Merrymount (the site of Quincy’s original settlement), Montclair, North Quincy, Quincy Center, Quincy Point, South Quincy, Squantum, West Quincy, and Wollaston.

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